'Pokemon Go' Latest News: How The Android 0.33.0 And iOS 1.3.0 Update Changes The Game

Niantic just released a "Pokemon Go" update for both Android and iOS platforms. To be more specific, those on Android devices will now be playing version .33.0, while iOS devices will be playing version 1.3.0. The changes made to both operating systems have minor differences between them but are relatively the same.

According to Phone Arena, the most important change made to the iOS version is the return of the battery saver mode. With its return, players can hold their phone with the side facing downwards in order for the display to turn off, thereby saving battery life. Meanwhile, the device will vibrate when a Pokemon is nearby.

The other updates are applicable to both platforms, as reported by Pokemon GoSome of the more important ones include improvements to the curveball throw's accuracy and fixing the rewards from achievements.

Particularly, the removal of a bug that prevented "Nice," "Great" and "Excellent" throws from receiving the right amount XP bonuses. In addition, achievements that were showing incorrect Medal icons were also fixed.

Niantic also included a dialog, which should remind trainers not to play at certain high speeds. In order to get passed the reminder, players need to confirm that they are not driving the vehicle.

Trainers will also get a one-time chance to change the nickname they initially chose. However, Niantic warns trainers to think it through thoroughly, as there is only one chance to change. Also coming with the new update, are new images of the Team Valor, Mystic and Instinct leaders - Candela, Blanche and Spark, respectively.

The "Pokemon Go" team also shared that they are currently testing out a new "Nearby Pokemon" feature with a small group of users. Hopefully, this new feature gets publicized soon, as it will help trainers collect Pokemon, without having to constantly look at the screen.

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