'Pokemon GO' Gamer Uses Tesla's Autopilot While Playing The Game: Good Or Bad Idea?

"Pokemon GO" has blown up over the recent weeks that it was released. And with the number of players that have jumped in on the fun, those that want to get ahead have needed to get creative. While soma hacks have been relatively safe, there are those that just should not be done, let alone publicised.

As Jalopnik recalls, one "Pokemon GO" user decided to use the autonomous driving feature of his Tesla vehicle to simultaneously catch Pokemon and drive. In fact, there was a video of him doing so, before he decided to take it down due to some backlash.

The gamer, Gary Zhou, was quoted by Game Rant as saying, "In essence, Autopilot works pretty much 100-percent...minus of course, lane changes and things like that, and again, it's fantastic for catching Pokemon on the go." Before that, he claimed that as long as the situation was right, Tesla does not require the driver to have his or hands on the wheel. Zhou's situation was that the lanes were clear, he was cruising at 40-45 kph.

The trouble is, Tesla cars really are not meant to drive on their own yet, ever. The units still need drivers to be focused on the road and their hands still need to be placed on the wheel. This is because, while the team of Elon Musk has done everything they can to make the care safe, it is not, as Zhou claims, at 100% capacity.

In fact, there have been more and more reports of Tesla cars causing accidents while they were on autopilot. In its statements, Tesla argued that it was human error that caused the accidents. Nevertheless, both sides prove that "Pokemon GO," or any video game, should not be played while behind the wheel.

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