GTA 6 Update: Rockstar Hints Game's Development; GTA 5 First-Person Cam Confirms Upcoming Title's VR Compatibility?

GTA 6 rumors have been in the scope for quite some time already. And Rockstar Games certainly knows that fans want it. But is the game likely to arrive? If so, what features could it offer? Well, as what recent reports suggest, chances are, the game would most likely be announced soon. In fact, GTA 5's first-person cam has reportedly shed some light on what appears to be a VR compatibility feature for the sixth title.

According to Game & Guide, the new rumors about GTA 6 were rooted from Take-Two's -- the company behind Rockstar Games and 2K Games -- first fiscal reports of 2016 (which ends in June 30). The results showcased a whopping $311.6 million in terms of net revenue. The main contributors to these figure are no other than GTA 5, Battleborn and NBA 2K16.

GTA 5, in particular, amassed approximately $800 million globally. It reached a figure of 11.21 million in terms of average copies sold. The studio has reportedly shipped around 29 million copies of the game, becoming one of the best digital releases in PlayStation Store's history. But what does this have to do with GTA 6?

Well, given the success of the franchise throughout the years, there is no doubt that Rockstar might develop GTA 6. As reported by Mirror, the studio is said to be very hard at work, developing new materials for its community. That, in one way or another, some exciting projects will be revealed in the near future.

The statement alone indicates that GTA 6 (or perhaps Red Dead Redemption) is finally hitting the shelves -- either on 2017 or 2018. And with Gamescom 2016 just being around the corner, the hype and anticipation continue to snowball each day. Why? Simply because Rockstar might just drop the big reveal during the event.

In related GTA 6 news, the speculated game is said to be equipped with a VR feature -- something that will provide a new kind of thrill. The rumor surfaced when GTA 5's Xbox One and PS4 release arrived with a first-person view, hinting at a total make-over for the next installment.

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