Pokemon GO Gym Battle Fights Guide: How To Be Effective And Win

Attacking and/or defending gyms in Pokemon GO is not going to be moonlight and roses. Players must be able to have the know-how when battling others, so they can claim the win. From having enough and varied Pokemon in Pokedex to using the right creatures, these are just two of the many ways to winning gym battles.

So for Pokemon GO players to be the very best, they must secure their chances of winning battles. After all, this is just one of the many steps to obtaining the goal of becoming a Pokemon master.

How To Attack Pokemon GO Gyms

Basically, players are only allowed to take at least 6 Pokemon GO creatures into gym battles. When on a combat, they just simply need to tap their devices so as to perform a normal attack. If they want to unleash a special one, then they have to hold it down once it is ready. From there, they will see their Pokemon battling another player's creature.

Know Your Opponent

A very common mistake that Pokemon GO rookies tend to do is starting a battle without knowing the type of opponent or Pokemon it will be. As much as possible, before the fight even starts, it is important for players to understand the kind of creatures they will be up against. They can do this by selecting a specific gym and swiping left to have an idea of what lies ahead. Most certainly, they will acquire valuable information. After which, they can select their six creatures -- all of which are based on their effectiveness against whatever species is stationed at the opponent's gym.

Only Use Pokemon GO Creatures That Are Efficient

In attacking Pokemon GO gyms, sometimes, the whole process is quite logical. This means that if it is an ice-type Pokemon, then a fire-type is way better. If it is a water-type Pokemon, then the electric-type creature is recommended. But of course, they can sometimes be difficult to figure out, most especially if players do not have a guide. Nonetheless, they can check this chart to know which one is strong and vulnerable against other Pokemon types. As an extra bonus, for players interested in understanding the three evolutions of Eevee, here is a guide.

Use The "Win A Gym Pokemon GO" Website

First and foremost, this is not a Pokemon GO cheat - it is not even close to one. Rather, it is a helpful tool that tells players the exact Pokemon to chose to defeat a particular gym. More so, it provides a list of creatures that are quite effective against it. Players can check it here.

Looks like you are ready to win Pokemon GO gym battles! Be sure to keep the aforementioned tips in mind (or perhaps, share them with your friends). Keep us posted with your gym battle journeys by using the comment section below!

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