Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution: Pros And Cons Of Evolving To Vaporeon, Jolteon And Flareon

In every Pokemon GO guide out there, the Eevee Evolution trick is probably among the most popular. Besides, this creature is deemed as one of the cutest among all Pokemon. But of course, the specie is not just about being adorable and whatnot -- its three evolutions, in particular, can be a make or break for any player out there.

In this Pokemon GO guide here, we taught you about evolving Eevee into Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon. This time around, we will teach you the pros and cons of each evolution. That way, you know when to use it to your advantage. Check it out!

Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution Vaporeon

PROS: In Pokemon GO (as well the anime itself), Vaporeon is Eevee's water-type evolution. It can offer a well-balanced mix of both attack and defense, making it a very lethal Pokemon in battles. Also, as reported by Rankedboost, this evolution has the highest stats in terms of stamina, among the others. So, in a sense, players will have all the air and strength needed to take down an opponent.

CONS: It holds true that Vaporeon was among the strongest creatures in Pokemon GO, but this was before Niantic decided to unleash a new update. Now, the Pokemon has been nerfed, reducing the prowess of its primary attack called Water Gun. It has been dropped to 6 from the once level 10 power.

Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution Flareon

PROS: If talking about having a high base attack, without a doubt, Eevee's fire evolution Flareon in Pokemon GO is an epitome. With a formidable attack prowess, this Pokemon is certainly a complete package. After all, fire-type creatures are considered lethal to any gym battle out there. Well, this is most especially after some water-type species (like Vaporeon as mentioned above) were nerfed.

CONS: Pokemon GO, in one way or another, is not a complex game to play. The overall mechanic itself is pretty much understandable. Since Flareon is a fire-type Pokemon, any water-type creature can defeat it (yes, despite the nerfs). But of course, it is up to the players how to strategize their attacks and counterattacks.

Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution Jolteon

PROS: As the name suggests, Jolteon is an electric-type Pokemon GO monster. Its electrifying attacks can be a nightmare, especially to those players using water-type. Why? Well, it is no rocket science, really.

CONS: The sad thing about this Pokemon GO creature is that, among the Eevee evolutions, he is the weakest, as noted by Mobile & Apps. It can easily be defeated, especially by fairy-type Pokemon. Even its stamina is not that magnificent at all.

What do you think about this Pokemon GO Guide? Which among the three Eevee evolutions is your favorite? Do you agree with their pros and cons? Let us know through the comments below!

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