Here Is Why 'Clash Of Clans' iOS Players Are Not Happy With Supercell

There is no doubt that "Clash of Clans" from Supercell is among the highly celebrated mobile games nowadays. After all, it has accumulated a huge following since its release. But for iPhone players, they have a different story to tell. iOS owners are reportedly getting irritated with the massive waves of notifications they constantly get from the game.

According to Parent Herald, iPhone players are continuously getting "Clash of Clans" notifications while playing. As a result, their game gets interrupted from time to time. The mishap happened when Supercell released the mobile game's latest update last month.

Although the studio has unleashed a new update (optional), it still failed to resolve the issue. Supposedly, the aforesaid "Clash of Clan" update was enabled to have notifications sent every 12 hours. However, iPhone players are not able to make use of it, as it is yet to be applicable in their iOS device.

As for Android users, "Clash of Clans" is not a burden at all. They can easily filter the in-game notifications through the so-called Tasker and Notification Listener. While this is indeed a very useful feature, iPhone players cannot simply do so due to the aforementioned reason.

Ecumenical News reports that whenever iOS owners use the said "Clash of Clans" feature, it instead results to blocking all the notifications. Obviously, this is not something useful at all. Doing so will only lead to them not being alerted, say, when their troops are ready for war.

In related news, the new "Clash of Clans" update has introduced the amiable Baby Dragons. This is entirely a new troop in the game's roster. But of course, for those playing "Clash Royale" (also from Supercell), it is not something new.

The Baby Dragons can be unlocked by "Clash of Clans" players once their Town Hall reaches level 9. Moreover, a new troop is also introduced to the game -- the Miner Troops. They can be acquired once a player's Town Hall becomes level 10. These troops are able to provide formidable defences, with walls being just one of them.

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