New Pokemon Go Tracker FastPokeMap Better Than Pokevision

Niantic has been relatively quick shutting down third party applications and websites that help its users cheat the system. However, there are still those apps and sites that keep on running despite Niantic's best efforts.

One particular favorite of Pokemon GO users was Pokevision. Unfortunately, this tracker has been shut down. On the upside, there is another, FastPokeMap, to answer player's tracker needs.

What Is FastPokeMap?

According to iDigitalTimes, FastPokeMap is a Pokemon GO tracker that indicates when a Pokemon is near. Not only that, but it also indicates where the Pokemon are specifically and how long it will stay in that location.

What Are Its Benefits?

The obvious benefit of FastPokeMap is that it is still up and running. That being said, it is one of the few sites that can help Pokemon GO players in the game.

Another, as noted by BGR, is that the tracker is incredibly effective when the player is walking. The scanner takes note of the direct areas where the player is near, so it is relatively specific.

It is also specific in the sense that it indicates how long the Pokemon will stay in their designated area. This way, if it is relatively far off and there is not much time, players can focus their energy on something else.

Further, the developer is constantly working on making improvements on it.

What Are Its Drawbacks?

There are hardly any drawbacks to the tracker, but FastPokeMap is slightly less effective than Pokevision. This is only because its radius is relatively smaller. After all, it was made to indicate Pokemon within walking distance only of the player.

Its Twitter feed is also riddled with plenty of complaints, mostly due to the reason that the server is often down. However, constant updates are seen on its official Twitter page.

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