Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S In Apps, Games Speedtest Battle

A Galaxy Note 7 and an iPhone 6S was featured in a speed test video on August 11. The presenter showed how fast the two smartphones open several apps, including games.

The video presenter identified himself as "Sundar" from C4ETech. Both of the smartphones were connected to the same wireless network and there were no apps running in the background, according to the narrator.

The Galaxy Note 7 is Samsung's latest product this 2016.while the iPhone 6 is the current smartphone model of Apple. The upcoming iPhone 7 is slated for launch this September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 6S

The video was split into to two to show the simultaneous operation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Apple iPhone 6S. The speed was monitored via a stopwatch. Both smartphones started opening the same apps.

The first app open by the smartphones was Facebook, followed by Twitter. Initially, the Galaxy Note 7 was a little bit ahead of the iPhone 6S. However, when the presenter opened the Asphalt Airborne 8 game in both smartphones, the Samsung Android phone was overtaken by the iPhone 6S.

From that point on, the speed test was in Apple's favor. The iPhone 6S was able to open all its apps by one minute and 8 seconds. The Galaxy Note 7 took a minute and 22 seconds opening the same apps. The next speed test focused on the reloading of the apps.

The iPhone 6S had no problem reloading all the apps. The Galaxy Note 7, however, had difficulty reloading the game apps. The Apple smartphone finished the entire speed test in less than a minute and 45 seconds. Samsung's newest Galaxy Note took a minute longer in finishing the speed test.

The presenter turned off the animation option to see if the Galaxy Note 7 will speed up. However, it only managed to shave off ten seconds from the first test. It is interesting to note that the presenter chose the iPhone 6S instead of the 6S Plus which is the closest counterpart to the Galaxy Note 7 since both are considered as phablets, according to Tech Radar.

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