'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Winter 2016 Release False; Anime To Follow 'Tokyo Ghoul: re' Arc

There have been false rumors circulating around claiming that season three of "Tokyo Ghoul" will premiere late this year. However, much to fans' dismay, there hasn't been any official announcement made yet with regards to the renewal of the animated series.

Tokyo Ghoul: re

During the second season finale of "Tokyo Ghoul," the storyline materialized the one from the comic book iteration of the scene. Moreover, fans were then led to believe that if and when season three of the series comes to light, the storyline will push through with following the arc of "Tokyo Ghoul: re" according to Vine Report.

With this in line, the fans expect a duel battle between Kaneki Ken and Arima, as that was the way it had gone in the manga storyline. However, since the creators of the series and the team behind the possible third season of the show have been mum about the details, there is no way to know for sure.

The timeline does depict a possible story that will be told on "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3, however certain reports claim that is unlikely. The proposed storyline for the third season would change the overall course of the animated series. There have been allegations that Ken will die as a new hero will be destined to take his place.

Madhouse Entertainment takes over

In other news, due to the bad criticisms the show has gotten over the past two seasons, Madhouse Entertainment will allegedly take over in running the show, putting its existing Studio Pierrot away from the spotlight. This may have been due to the uncertainty of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3.

Mobile Game based on Tokyo Ghoul

While the fans are waiting for the comeback of the series, a mopile app game is also currently being worked on. This has only led to the fans increasing excitement for "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3

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