Clash Of Clans September Update: What Gamers Need To Know

Looks like Clash of Clans fans have something to be excited about. The hit mobile game's developer Supercell is aiming to unleash a new update. And it is not just a simple one, it is going to be a massive update. From cool hefty features to in-game improvements and balances, the title will surely undergo a major overhaul. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming patch.

Clash Of Clans New Update Release Date

First off, the big reveal was made by the studio over at the official forum site of Clash of Clans. While it did not entirely go into specifics, the upcoming update is expected to arrive sometime in September this year. And players will surely be surprised to know that it is unlike any of the previous updates the company has released in the past.

Balancing All Clash Of Clans Units

One of the major goals of the forthcoming Clash of Clans update is to bring balance to the game. And sure enough, it is going to affect almost all of the units in the title. Basically, Supercell plans to avoid making a unit too strong and/or too weak. Besides, as the company iterated, this is something that the community has been clamoring for ever since. So expect the relative changes to happen as soon as the update arrives.

Mining Gems For Free In Clash Of Clans

Yes, that is right - the new Clash of Clans update will give players the opportunity to mine gems for free. This will allow them to boost their ranks, making it to the top of the list. Nonetheless, the studio has yet to reveal what sort of feature it will be - let alone the whatnots it will involve.

Adjustments On Some Clash Of Clans Spells

As stated on the Clash of Clans forum site, the soon-to-arrive update will significantly change the chances for some in-game spells. These would cover Poison, Lightning and Earthquake spells, among others. The bolts of the Lightning spell will be pretty much closer allowing it to deal more damage to targeted structures.

On the other hand, the Earthquake spell will endow a fixed damage and will be based on the HP left. Lastly, for the Poison spell, its damage rate will now begin at a much lower DPS, but is said to increase over time.

What are your thoughts on the new Clash of Clans update? Do you think the new features and changes will make the game even more interesting? If not, why? Use the comment section below!

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