Carriers To Receive iPhone 7 By Late September

The release of the Apple iPhone 7 could be delayed; carriers expect Apple’s latest flagship to be turned over no later than September 23.

The dependable Evan Blass released a public notice via Twitter about the iPhone 7's carrier release dates. In the post, Blass mentioned the confirmed September 9 pre-order and September 16 release dates of the iPhone 7 and anticipated that Apple’s September event will most likely be conducted on September 7.

The leaked AT&T retail timetable reveals the approaching merchandising reset hours. Specifically, the guidance calls out September 9 and September 23 as scheduled dates for merchandising resets. This is a potential implication that advertising for pre-orders could be planned for September 9 and the brand new iPhone models could hit the market by September 23 instead.

According to Forbes, the iPhone 7 launch timescale is relevantly more compressed than in the previous years. To illustrate this, in 2015, Apple made an announcement about the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus on September 9th (Wednesday) but pre-orders started three days later (September 12) and took almost two full weeks to go on sale, hitting stores on September 25th.

Given that historical context, we can conclude that our long wait on the iPhone 7 series will come to an end by the 23rd of September.

In related news, a previous iTech Post mentioned that Apple is under pressure to sell as many iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S's as it can as the interest of the public on the iPhones has noticeably weakened this year. The leaked images, specs and features of both models are expected to be a sweeping reinvention of the line to mark its 10th anniversary. With high hopes, Apple has the ability to take the lead in the strongly competitive market of the smartphone industry.

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