iPhone 7 Updates: Pre-Sale And Market Dates; Feature And Specs List

The public has been waiting for the release of the iPhone 7 for weeks now, albeit negatively or positively. In general, the upcoming handset from Apple does not seem to have the same pull as previous generations, resulting from a lack in redesign and, presumably, no innovative new features.

According to Forbes, Apple's annual conference, which this year will be held on September 7, will be followed by the pre-order sale for the iPhone 7. Reportedly, individuals can start with placing their pre-orders by September 9. Following this, the units themselves will be available on September 16, when they will hit the actual market and stores.

The Independent, however, notes that the release could be a week after the 16th. Further, the unit will most likely be first made available in the US, UK and other parts of Europe. After Which, the unit will be seen in other locations. At this point, things are still unclear until Apple releases the official press invitations, which averagely happens by the end of August.

Some features that the iPhone 7 are likely to have are the lack of an audio jack, a double camera, relocated antenna lines and a wider range of colors.

Apple is expected to ditch the standard 3.5mm audio jack in favor of either a wireless set of earphones, or one that plugs in directly to the Lightning port. Reportedly, connecting to the Lightning port will provide users a better listening experience.

Next, is the dual lens camera feature. Reportedly, this new feature will make the iPhone 7's camera almost as good as an SLR. However, the dual lens is only expected to come in the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro and not the standard unit.

Another thing is that the antenna lines found at the back will be relocated to the side, making the unit itself seem cleaner. Yet, there are other reports that are also claiming there will be no antenna lines at all.

Apple is also expected to offer more colors for this generation - Deep Blue, Dark Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold.

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