Pokemon GO Guide To Using The Best Pokemon Like Blastoise And Arcanine To Win Gym Battles

Battling in gym battles is just one of the many steps to becoming a Pokemon GO master. But of course, it's not an easy task to do. From acquiring the best Pokemon to learning how to attack/defend gyms, these are just a few things players need to understand in the game. Nevertheless, here's a guide that will help you understand gym battles and determine which creatures are the strongest ones to use.

Understanding The Battle System In Pokemon GO

First and foremost, your Pokemon GO level must be at least level 5 to battle at a gym. If a gyme is the color grey, then it's not occupied and you have the chance to assign your Pokemon there to take control. This makes you the gym's master. As the gym master, you'll have to defend it.

Two Ways Pokemon GO Gym Battles Work

The concept of Pokemon GO gym battles isn't that complicated to understand. Nevertheless, you should have heard by now that there are two possible scenarios where you can find yourself when battling in a gym.

The first situation is, well, fighting in battles and the second is actually taking over a particular gym. When trying to take over a gym increasing your chances of winning is key. In this situation, you need to learn a thing or two, particularly about dodging attacks .

Let's say you're ready to do Pokemon GO gym battles. The first thing you need to ensure is the set of Pokemon you have to use. Of course, the stronger your creatures are, the more likely you'll go home with the big Win. Check out some of the strongest Pokemon in the game below.

Blastoise In Pokemon GO

Blastoise is basically an evolution of Wartortle from Squirtle in Pokemon GO. It's a water-type Pokemon in its most organic form. Its attacks are mainly bullets of water, with an accuracy rate of near-perfection. Its attack power is around 186, while its defense is at 222. As for its HP/Stamina, it boasts 158.

Arcanine In Pokemon GO

If there's a Pokemon GO creature that exemplifies high speed, it's no other than Arcanine. This fire-type Pokemon has a massive power of 230 with a defense of 180. Its HP/Stamina, on the other hand, is at 180.

Lapras in Pokemon GO

If you want to own this Pokemon in Pokemon GO, here's a guide that can help you. Lapras, a water/ice-type specie, is among the rarest in the game. While it has no evolution to offer, its attack power of 180 and defense stat of 190 is already enough to give its trainer a huge advantage. Its HP/Stamina is around 260.

Snorlax In Pokemon GO

Just like Lapras, Snorlax doesn't have any evolution in Pokemon GO as well. He's best remembered for being a Pokemon that loves to eat and sleep all day long. But hey, its attack and defense (both at 180) are enough to subdue an opponent's creature. Lastly, its HP/Stamina is at 320.

What do you think about this Pokemon GO gym battle guide? What other strong Pokemon do you think should be part of the list? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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