Pokemon GO Guide To Catching Water-Type Monsters Lapras, Seadra And More

Having a good set of Pokemon GO monsters can be very beneficial to most trainers. It can help them win and defend gym battles, among others. And this is also the case with owning a number of strong water-type Pokemon. For players who aspire to be a master, these creatures are definitely a must-have.

Last time, here at iTech Post, we shared a guide to catching rare Pokemon GO species. This time around, we are going a bit more specific. We will teach you how to catch powerful water-type Pokemon, such as Seadra and Starmie.

Where To Find Water-Type Pokemon GO Monsters

In a sense, these type of Pokemon GO species tend to be an easy catch when a player is nearby to bodies of water. Obviously, these can be anything, like rivers, lakes and oceans, among others. Nonetheless, they can also be seen in locations that are water-related -- from small ponds to fountains to swimming pools. Sometimes, these monsters can be hard to find; hence the best possible option to take is to evolve them from scratch.

Seadra Pokemon GO Evolution

Basically, Seadra -- a seahorse-like Pokemon GO creature -- can be evolved from its very first form -- Horsea, that is. The once adorable water-type Pokemon can be evolved into a lethal creature by using a total of 50 Horsea candies.

Starmie Pokemon GO Evolution

Also deemed as water-type Pokemon GO specie, Starmie is actually a hybrid. It comes with psychic powers, thus putting it in the water-psychic category. This Pokemon is simply an evolution from Staryu. And pretty much the same with Horsea, this creature just need 50 candies in order to evolve into Starmie. It is worth noting that both initial evolutions can be acquired from either the wild or through the use of a 5KM egg.

Gyarados Pokemon GO Evolution

This Pokemon GO evolution here is without a doubt quite rigorous. Sure, this mighty water-type creature can always be caught in the wild (check this guide here); however, it is among the rarest spawns in the hit augmented reality game. In order to achieve the Gyarados evolution, players need to own at least 400 Magikarp candies. Besides, Magikarp is not that hard to find -- it is usually located in bodies of water like ponds and lakes. Above all, its spawning rate is pretty much higher compared to Gyarados.

How To Catch Lapras On Pokemon GO

If talking about one of the strongest monsters in Pokemon GO, Lapras is definitely part of the list. Although it can be captured in the wild, players need to have high level Pokeballs as well as Razz Berries in order to snatch it. But of course, there is a workaround -- that is to hatch a 10KM egg. Sadly, hatching it usually requires a sheer amount of luck.

What do you think about this Pokemon GO guide? Were you able to evolve Magikapr into Gyarados? Or perhaps Horsea to Seadra and Staryu to Starmie? Share your journey to us by using the comment section below!

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