PlayStation 4 Leaks Reveal Slimmer Console With Matte Finish

Thus far, Sony has not mentioned a release of a revamped version of its current PlayStation 4. However, there are photos of a new gaming console with the PS4 logo etched on its side. All in all, all signs are pointing to the very real possibility that Sony is releasing a redesigned version of the console - likely the PlayStation Neo or the PS4.5.

As The Verge notes, the images first appeared at an online auction. And while only images were provided to the publication, plenty is seen from these alone. More specifically, the device has slimmed down significantly and it is a flat rectangular shape, as opposed to the classic arched shape that Sony most often uses. Moreover, the finish of the PlayStation 4 is already matte.

At this point, it is actually unclear whether or not the leaked device is the PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation Neo, or if it simply a revamped version of the standard PS4. However, it is notable that the box and console itself only has the logo of the "PS4." After all, it would make sense for Sony to release a simple slimmer version of the device as PC Mag notes. This is because Sony's competitors, most recently Microsoft, have released slimmed down versions of their own consoles.

The publication does argue, however, that the images are real. This is because a Twitter user actually purchased the device before it was pulled out of the auction. At the very least, there is the assurance that Sony is releasing a new console, though it is still confusing as to what the new device actually is in Sony's lineup.

Everything is expected to clear up this September, as the company is expected to hold a "PlayStation Meeting." Again, Sony gave very few details on the event, particularly if it would be for the release of the PlayStation 4.5, PlayStation Neo, or just the slimmed down iteration of the PS4.

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