PS4 Slim Unboxing Leaked Weeks Before Sony's Official Release Date [Video]

Watch as YouTube user Sehran Shaikh re-uploads a video of the Sony Playstsation4 being unboxed way ahead its official release date. In case the video above is being pulled down since this is a controversial leak, there are a number of sources if you search at YouTube. Feast your eyes until supply last.

Remember, Sony might be making steps to pull the viral videos down. As said in the video and on on the first paragraph above, the slim version for Sony Playstation4 (PS4 Slim) will not be available until a few weeks, so in case there are no videos loading on this article, you can always do a manual search at YouTube - click on this as the link pre-searches for 'PS4 Slim Unboxing' This is the internet, once a leak goes, you can't stop it.

When is it out? has reported that the expected reveal will be on Sept. 7 during its New York Event. Release date is rumored to be on the 14th, a week following the official reveal. Neo follows around a month after, just in time for the holiday season.

Is it more powerful than the original PS4? adds that there is still no official confirmation if the slim version of the Playstation4 has more power or just the same compared to the original version. But knowing that someone has now unboxed a PS4 Slim, chances are, information about it should leak in a few days, still way ahead than its official release date on September.

How much?

As Playstation gamers around the world are excited to upgrade their system, Sony is yet to confirm this information. suggests that Sony Plastation4 would retail lower than its predecessor at $350 adds that it should compete with the Xbox One S very impressive price of £250. Take note of the currency.

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