Kevin Owens Not Playing Videogames Despite Being In WWE 2K17

It is exciting to be in a videogame. Seeing yourself smack down opponents in the ring and not the other way around is very satisfying. A virtual copy of you makes you want to play as yourself and go have an ass-kicking time. After all, it's you, your rules, your game. Well, most of the time, that would be the case. Not for Kevin Owens though as he spoke recently with IGN to endorse his videogame WWE 2K17 at the same time promoting WWE SummerSlam on pay-per-view. Click here for the full interview

What did he actually say about not playing videogames?

 "I really don't have much time to play video games, and I really haven't gotten to play 2K17 yet. But just seeing it was really cool." Kevin Owens expressed. He was also featured in the 2K16 main roster but didn't even know about it until he was called up but the game already came out. Owens implied that the previous digital wrestler clone had an 'NXT' impression of him. He is pleased to know that the next version, WWE 2k17, has his main roster gear and look. "It was so awesome to see", Owens exclaimed.

He also stated that his son plays the said videogames, and much of his joy, he expresses that it is the coolest part for him. Currently, Owens might not have time to play WWE 2k17 but it's enough for him to know that his son is digging it. He is so glad to know that his son picks Kevin Owens (himself) to be his son's first fighter during the first few days, or weeks, then moves on to other cool wrestlers.

Kevin Owens is participating in the current WWE SummerSlam on pay-per-view, and is implied to be focused on his career, this is why he always articulates that for now, he doesn't have time for videogames but come slack time maybe he would pick up that controller and have a match with his son.

In the meantime, check out Owen's win during the Aug. 22 match.

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