Nintendo's 'Mario', Not 'Pokemon Go' Stole The Show During Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony [Video]

It was speculated all over the internet that Pokemon Go will make an appearance but uncle Mario decides to take the stage this time to introduce Tokyo 2020. Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony has clearly outdone expectations when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe showed up dressed as Mario. Following the Olympics Closing Ceremony's tradition that the next host would boast about their country for the next Olympics Games, Japan made the audience gasped for exhilaration with their trailer featuring Doraemon, Pac Man, and of course, lovely Tokyo. 

After showing PM Abe on video admitting that he won't be able to make it to Rio on time while riding a car, Super Mario, one of the most beloved video game characters from Nintendo, just appeared out of nowhere! Super Mario then ran around Tokyo and jumped into the game's famous green pipe.

To shock Rio Olympics' viewers even more, the beloved plumber then removed his disguise in Maracana stadium only to reveal Japan Prime Minister Abe, clutching a red ball in his hands.

Now, who wouldn't get elated with Tokyo hosting the 2020 Summer Games?

Nintendo Spokesman, Yasuhiko Minagawa, said that the Super Mario cameo idea came from Tokyo's organizing committee.

"It was a great honor that Mario appeared at the Rio Olympic closing ceremony to play a role of bridging to the Tokyo Olympics while people all over the world are watching," Minagawa said.

However, Nintendo won't sponsor the 2020 Olympics and isn't associated with the upcoming Games.

On the other hand, Super Mario's appearance at the Rio Olympics helped boost Nintendo's stocks which jumped at about 3.5% but is still second to Pokemon Go's bump.

Pokemon Go aided Nintendo's shares to gain more than 120% in July. Unfortunately, those stocks plummet 18% when Nintendo admitted to investors that the smartphone game will "only have a limited effect on its bottom line."

Tokyo last hosted the Olympic Games in 1964. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is said to feature 5 new sports - Karate, Skateboard, Baseball/Softball, Sports Climbing, and Surfing.

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