2016 US Presidential Elections Will Make Or Break NASA's Future On Mars

NASA indeed sees the election time as a time of uncertainty.

A newly elected president can turn the tide against NASA or in its favor. Whoever president will be elected, has the power to do whatever he or she wants to shape the entire agenda of NASA's space program.

NASA's yearnings to pursue its spaceflight program are indeed at the mercy of the new president.

In Obama's administration, NASA has had a series of unfortunate turn of events as the Space Shuttle program has been taken for granted. But in the brighter side, it has ushered in a new era of optimisms thanks to the "Journey to Mars" mission of sending humans to Mars by 2030.

However, this bold and ambitious goal lacks the guide of a passionate leader. The 2016 presidential election is the perfect time to awaken the hopes of a possible outer space mission by NASA, but still, the presidential candidates are very keen on sharing out their thoughts about going beyond the frontiers of space.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clintons' thoughts regarding the matter have been confusing, too general, and short.

Trump promises to relive the greatness of the United States just like what it had in JFK's presidency, but wouldn't elaborate further. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton says to give support to NASA, although she did not tell exactly where the specific support to NASA is.

Fortunately, the constituents of the president: the Senate and the Congress are in a positive mode to send people back to the Moon. During the Obama administration, NASA's space program was in its dark ages, as the president says that "we've been there before", during his speech at the Kennedy Space Center last 2010.

The possibility of another Moon mission is likely for a new and fresh president, although the idea of a manned mission to Mars is still a long way from reality.

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