No Man’s Sky Survival Guide: Be A Successful Trader In 10 Easy Steps

No Man's Sky is a game that involves plenty of trading. Here are ten easy steps to become a successful trader.

1. Ensure scanner is working properly.

Players should keep in mind that their ship's scanner takes first priority. This important device will not only keep the player alive but also help locate the much needed Units which is the standard money in No Man's Sky.

2. Pick the safest planet

Some of the planets are not hospitable for traders who are ill-equipped to explore its environment. It is much safer and profitable to prioritize the planets that offer even modest resources but with little or no risk involved.

3. Be thorough in scanning

Most of the planet's animals, plants and even rocks can earn traders some money just by scanning them.

4. Avoid using the rare stuff

It is always easy to replenish the common resources but the rare ones are harder to replace. Players should be aware that some of the rare resources are vital for the ship's life support and equipment.

5. The old trading adage of "buying low and selling high" is always true in No Man's Sky. Traders should always scout asteroids that could give out a decent amount of Units.

6. Suspension Fluid is King

Players can never get enough suspension fluid. This is the fuel that makes interplanetary travel possible. Players should mine it wherever they can.

7. Inventory space has priority over ship upgrades

Players should not attach themselves with upgrades when more space is needed. The amount of Units earned from the items can easily offset the cost of the upgrades.

8. Drop Pods are valuable

Players should never underestimate drop pods. These discarded boxes could yield a treasure trove of merchandise.

9. Purchasing that sleek new spaceship isn't worth it

Even if the player has enough Units, it is not advisable to waste hard earned cash for ship that is probably overpriced anyway.

10. Gather Emeril for a quick cash inflow

Emeril is a substance valued by Aliens. Players should locate and mine it whenever possible.

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