'Deus Ex Mankind Divided' Gameplay Review: Avoiding Tesla Upgrade Ruins Ghost Bonuses; Players Finally Reveal Most Useful Ability

"Deus Ex Mankind Divided" fans confirmed that choosing to avoid the Tesla upgrade could ruin Ghost bonuses. The upgrade has been reported to be buggy, alerting guards through the augment.

The "Deus Ex Mankind Divided" Tesla augment can alert guards, even those that the players have knocked out. The achievements and Ghost bonuses are activated only when a player reaches a checkpoint and alerts have not been triggered, even a single one. Stealthing, on the other hand, can provide significant level boost, which can also be utilized to unlock other upgrades.

The "Deus Ex Mankind Divided" Tesla augment also shoots taser darts that has the ability to knock out a number of enemies in one room. The taser darts, however, are not a silent weapon, which means that it can also alert guards. To avoid activating alerts, players can choose to invest in energy upgrades and utility augments to help them reach stealth playthrough.

"Deus Ex Mankind Divided" players can also use Klipspringer Jump Mod to succeed in the missions. If a player cannot jump higher, neither escape routes or mad dunks can be accessed. Entrances to rooftops and vents will be easier to get through.

Remote hacking can also be used by "Deus Ex Mankind Divided" players. According to reviews, this is the most useful ability. Through this, a player can hack device with just small energy costs.

The remote hacking ability can also be maxed out in assault and stealth builds and used to disable robots, security cameras, and turrets temporarily. For 3 Praxis points, the deal is reportedly great. Players also need not have to worry about overclocking the Jensen's cybernetics for as long as the side quests are completed.

"Deus Ex Mankind Divided" should also not take optimized musculature for granted. Most of the levels have vending machines that are placed in front of a ventilation shaft. However, without huge muscles, a player can only ogle the object through x-ray vision from far away distance. Meanwhile, watch the "Deus Ex Mankind Divided" review here.

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