'Pokemon GO' Tips, Cheats; How to Install iOS Jailbreak For Undetectable GPS Spoofing; Curved Ball Invisible [VIDEO]

A "Pokemon Go" hacker just recently uploaded a video guide on YouTube to guide iOS users on how to use the "Pokemon Go" hacking tool on a jailbroken iPhone. "Pokemon Go" players on iOS devices need to jailbreak their iPhones in order to use some cheats and tricks that are currently available on Android.

The software should get in the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tool in order to hack "Pokemon Go." Next, players will need to launch Cydia and install the unofficial "Pokemon Go" app called "Poke Go ++." The app will then allow gamers to play the game on a jailbroken iPhone.

The hack is designed to work with "Pokemon Go's" latest version, v1.3.1, and i could be used in future updates as well. The hack features useful options for players to enjoy the game without having to walk around often. A player can just set a destination and have the trainer automatically head towards the set location. If the trainer finds Pokemons along its way, the app will notify the player in order to hunt them down.

The said "Pokemon Go" hacking tool prevents the app from sending the player's true location to the Niantic server in any case that the game suddenly stops or crashes. In addition, the hack removed the increased curved ball changes and made the tweaking of the curved ball invisible to the servers of Niantic. Both of these are important so that Niantic will not be able to figure out that the player is cheating.

"Pokemon Go" players who used the hacking tool are reportedly satisfied that the GPS spoofing software is working with the latest version of "Pokemon Go." It is also important to note, however, that Niantic has been putting cheaters into permaban once caught.

"Pokemon Go" players are reportedly advised to take precautions and check the cheating tools before utilizing them. Meanwhile, check out the "Pokemon Go" iOS jailbreak hack walkthrough.

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