Apple Revamps iPad Mini 5 With 3D Touch, Waterproof Design And More

The next successors of Apple's popular iPad series will be plentiful this year, as it will experience some of the greatest improvements regarding its power and design, with the all new iPad Mini 5.

The iPad Mini 5, as well as the iPad Air 3, will be a part of this radical change for improvement. There are unofficial statements that Apple will name the new iPad as the "iPad Pro Mini", instead of the "Mini 5". Although speculations are made that it will be out by the end of this year, it is still unclear. Probably, it is to give way to the launching of the iPhone 7 or the MacBook Pro.

Aesthetics And Design

It is known that the iPad Mini 5 will not feature a revolutionary new design. However, Apple is strict to execute its reputation of trimming the size down for each of its new revamped products; in this case, the iPad Pro Mini.

It is safe to assume that a sleeker iPad Pro Mini will be out in the market soon.

3D Touch Display

The new iPad Mini 5 will also feature a new 3D Touch display that is very sensitive and responsive to the touch. Despite the current status of the 3D Touch or Force Touch technology as still being developed, the technology has already been used in the iPhone 6.

It is then safe to expect that this feature will now be ready for use on the new iPad Mini 5.

Power Configurations

The A9X will also be responsible for powering up the iPad Mini 5. Also, a 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB built-in storage will be available for the three variants that the iPad Mini 5 will have.

Resistance To Dust And Water

Most of the time Apple gadgets are not dust and water resistant. But this time might possibly be an exception, as rumours are also circulating that it might want to compete with Samsung's more "superior" phone that is water resistant.

The iPad Mini 5, together with the iPad Air 3 might be the last of its kind, due to Apple's forecasted plans to focus more on the line of MacBook laptops to compete with the increasing popularity that Microsoft's Surface is currently experiencing.

Whichever the case may be, everything will be known by the time of its release in September.

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