Robots Predicted To Dominate The US Labor Force By 2036

The technology of today is fast changing, and that every time we breathe, there are new improvements happening - of which includes robotics. In fact, it has been predicted that robts will take over human jobs by 2036.

Morgan Stanley, a professional analyst, used the gathered date from a research conducted by Oxford University. He forecasts that majority of U.S. jobs will be run over by robots over the new twenty years.

By the year 2030, 60 per cent of the jobs globally can be done by machines with greater efficiency and productivity. Tijo Thayil, section manager for robotics development at the A*STAR Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre, thinks that this shift in the labor force from humans to robots is not as bad as it seems, and it can even contribute to the advancement of the human race.

He says, "There are some boring tasks which are done by a human operator-just assembling the same things every day, seven days a week," The job tasks that are repetitive and boring in nature, can all be passed down to robots, enabling humans to work on more intellectual and superior job responsibilities.

One of the major improvements in the robotics industry now is that they can now respond to stimuli and learn various things through experience; very different from that of the previous robots we are used to seeing.

Remanufacturing may be one of the niches that robots can thrive on. Tasks such as repairing an aircraft engine, or a mining truck engine, and a host of other tasks can easily be done by robots more properly than humans.

Andres Soutar, the director of project management and research liaison at the ARTC, says that the thought of remanufacturing has been around for decades and that its revival would usher in a new golden decade for humanity.

The investors and partners of ARTC are sure to invest on the right path as the results that are gathered from the R&D department suggests positive inclination to the success of the technological improvements, paving the way for a wide scale use of robots in various industries.

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