NASA's Spacecraft Restoration Disrupted By Aliens From The Sun

Being lost in space would surely be one of the most terrifying nightmares imaginable to man. However, this time, it is not a mere nightmare, but a reality experienced by NASA over two years ago. NASA's STEREO has been lost in space on 2014, and after two years, it was back to life, thanks to a possible extraterrestrial interference.

Fortunately, it has resurfaced and showed up out of a sudden. It is obvious that NASA will take the credit for saving the spacecraft, still, the space agency is not free from the scepticisms that an extraterrestrial race may have found it and fixed it.

STEREO have entered the orbit of the sun in 2006 and since then, it had gathered a considerable amount of data and information from our star. It did an unexpectedly great job over the course of a few years, drastically increasing our knowledge about the sun.

But suddenly, the STEREO became quiet in 2014. NASA hasn't come up with a credible explanation of the incident, but several theories came out of the mouths of creative, sceptical, and open minded fellow human beings.

There are a lot of theories that there are UFO circles that appear to be orbiting the sun, possible the home of aliens. This alien species might use the sun as a source of fuel and might even use solar energy to power up their civilization.

The theory suggests that these UFOs have a brief encounter with NASA's STEREO spacecraft two years ago. The strange gesture might be a sign of gratitude for NASA, which is why they have fixed the earthly and primitive STEREO up.

Alien life forms inhabiting the sun do not have a rock solid proof to be true. But fortunately for sceptics, the SOHO satellite was able to capture a satellite image that most UFO researchers believe to be a gigantic entrance door into the interior of the sun.

The Hollow Sun Theory, as what this theory is called, is resurfacing back to people's minds thanks to this incident.

Whichever the case may be, it is a good gesture to say "thank you" to these alien extraterrestrial beings.

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