Manmade Space Probes Deemed Obsolete

Most of the NASA's arsenal of the space-faring fleet is aging fast. This is mainly due to the long expanse of time it takes to carefully plan it out, engineer it, undergo several test flights, and the actual launching of it.

It takes a couple of years, or even a decade to launch a rocket to orbit, knowing that there lies a certain amount of risk in the mere launching of it, let alone spending billions of dollars for a potential explosion disaster. Even so, the destinations consume 70 percent of the time, taking it sometimes decades to reach its destination.

Fortunately, these manmade marvels that are out in the abyss of space don't have to be cutting edge or even close to "high tech", knowing that these were launched into space several years or even decades ago. What is important is that it still successfully does its main responsibilities, which is gathering information from the various heavenly bodies.

New Horizons

One example of this is the New Horizons space probe that is set to reach Pluto and fly by its orbit. It was launched in 2006, and it reaches Pluto by July 2015, ten years later. What makes this disturbingly captivating is that it's "out of this world" scientific images thanks to a 1-megapixel camera, which was the best that 2006 can give.


Another example is the Cassini which was launched in 1997. It is continuing its voyage while orbiting the planet Saturn, and still maintains sending signals to earth which is 900 million miles away, with the help of an antenna that is only a fifth as powerful as a 2016 modern day cellphone tower.

Hubble Space Telescope

The third example is the Hubble Space Telescope which was launched in 1990. Yes, it has undergone a series of an upgrade over the course of the last three decades, but your average smartphone still has more computing power than that of the space manmade "marvel".

The successor of the Hubble Space Telescope is still currently under development.

Voyager 1

The last and most vintage of all manmade space probes is the Voyager 1 that still beams back data from interstellar space with the help of 8-track tapes of the 70's.

It was launched back in 1977 and is now beyond the reaches of the solar system and deep in the abyss of interstellar space - a whopping 39 years after it was launched. Imagine how vintage the technology in the Voyager 1 is.

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