Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Speed Test Performance: Samsung's Flagship Still Lags Behind Apple

Despite brand criticisms, the iPhone 6s has proven itself worthy of its price and fame.

The Galaxy Note 7 on the other hand, although quite a strong contender to most flagships, seems like a weak rival when it comes to speed tests.

GSMarena reports that the iPhone 6S won over Galaxy Note 7 on a recently conducted speed test. Note 7 didn't even put up a fight.

Apple iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Speed Test

In the recently conducted test, app after app was opened on both devices. Then, the apps were allowed to load before they were closed to proceed to the next one.

The test aims to determine how much time the phones take in loading the app. It also aims to determine how well the phones do in retaining the apps after a bunch has been loaded.

During the first apps, both phones remain fast and smooth. But as the test carries on, the Note 7 lagged continuously while the iPhone 6S still gets the job done without any delay.

Disappointingly for Android fans, the Galaxy Note 7 wasn't able to beat the iPhone 6S in the speed test. In fact, it took the 6S less time to open and close all the apps twice than for the Note 7 to finish the same set of apps once.

iPhone 6S vs Galaxy Note 7 Specs

It's quite a shocker that the old iPhone model beats the new Note 7 at a simple speed test. Specs-wise, the Galaxy model is pretty much ahead of the iPhone 6S in most angles.

6S uses a dual core 1.84 GHz Twister processor while the Note 7 uses octa core 4x2.3 GHz Mongoose & 4x1.6 GHz Cortex-A53. 6S comes with 2 GB RAM while the Note 7 comes with 4 GB RAM

Final Verdict

The Galaxy Note 7, as powerful as it is, cannot beat the iPhone 6 speed-wise. Being the representation of the current 'best' Android, it's a bit disappointing that the phone cannot meet expectations. Using GSMarena's words, if a powerful phone such as the Galaxy Note 7 cannot run the apps well enough, then no other Android phone can.

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