‘Overwatch’ Update: Sombra Fails To Show Up; Blizzard Entertainment Needs To Explain?

Overwatch fans were reportedly disappointed by the continued non-appearance of Sombra. Some critics believed that Blizzard Entertainment should step in and say something to pacify the frustrated players.

Sombra Hints

The game developer had already dropped hints since early this year about an upcoming character called Sombra, according to Kotaku. A few weeks ago, fans started a searching frenzy for any hints of the Sombra character that the quest became an alternate reality game or ARG.

Sombra Countdown

Ovewatch fans thought Blizzard is finally releasing Sombra based on an official gaming forum post. It sported some "glitches" and ultimately led fans to "A Moment in Crime" site showing some kind of countdown written in Spanish. Fans who visited the page on August 25 will notice that the countdown is only five percent complete.

This led many to believe that Sombra will debut sometime in the next 24 hours or possibly within the week. However, the mysterious site's download progress remained at five percent and has not changed. It later dawned on them that Sombra will not appear anytime soon.

Overwatch Fans Vent Sombra Frustration

Overwatch fans who were disappointed by Sombra's non-appearance aired their disappointment in various online forums including Reddit. Some forums have even filtered out any posts mentioning Sombra, according to Polygon.

Many Overwatch fans, on the other hand, took the disappointing news in stride and made jokes about it. Some said that the site really takes a very long time to download. The remark could be taken as joke or sarcasm depending on how players view it.

There were also several posts that claim Blizzard game developers are probably getting perverse pleasure over the current brouhaha on Sombra. Many fans are now turning their attention on the current and available Overwatch characters.

Ultimately, Overwatch fans have no choice but to wait for Blizzard to release Sombra if it's coming out at all.

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