‘Attack On Titan' PlayStation 4 Review: Offers Plenty Of Titan Killing Mayhem

Attack on Titan got a PlayStation 4 review recently. The upcoming game offers a campaign a lot of chance to kill Titans but nothing new when it comes to the storyline.

Game developer Omega Force has certainly made this latest installment of Attack on Titan more enjoyable compared to the previous one, Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, according to IGN.

Attack on Titan Storyline

The game's plot is basically the similar to Manga and movie version of the same title. For those who have never heard of Attack on Titan, here is a short summary:

Attack on Titan focuses on three young protagonists fighting and protecting their walled city against a race of giant humanoids called Titans. Their enemies are naked and appear to have no sexual organs. Their voracious appetite for human flesh almost pushed Humanity to extinction.

The human remnants have resorted to constructing huge walls in order to keep the giant predators at bay. If all else fails, the three heroes along with the rest of the defenders will try to take down the giants with their "omni-directional maneuver gear" or to die trying.

Attack on Titan Combat

Battling the Titans tend to end real quickly. Players though, will need to time their attack if they wished to succeed and avoid being trampled upon or even eaten by the Titans. Players could assume the main characters Armin, Eren, Levi and Mikasa. The upcoming Titan game also allows players to assume the role of the other seven characters in various missions. Each of them has his/her own strengths and weaknesses.

Players will also encounter various types of Titans in their campaign. Each type will require a different tactic based on the character the player is using.

Attack on Titan is scheduled for release on August 30. It will be available in Sony's various gaming platforms including the PS 4, PS 3 and PS Vita. It will also be available in the Windows PC and Xbox One.

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