'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 To Release In 2017, Likely To Stick With The Manga's Storyline

The much awaited "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 is expected to release next year with high expectations from fans and critics alike.

A lot of rumors have been circulating online, hinting on possible theories in the series' third season. However, there are no solid plots yet as of this writing making manga and anime enthusiasts rave more about the possible flow of its story.

Majority of the viewers claim that the anime series somehow changed the essence of the original manga. This proves true as fans started complaining on how different the story was particularly on season two.

 "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 1 Recap

 On July 4, 2014, "Tokyo Ghoul" aired its very first episode entitled "Higeki" (Tragedy) on Tokyo MX. The story focused on Ken Kaneki who befriended a woman named Rize Kamishiro. Little did he know that this charismatic woman is in fact a ghoul. Rize ended up trying to eat Kaneki. However, the protagonist was able to survive the attack.

This closely follows the flow of the manga's storyline which makes it a huge success to anime fans.

On the other hand, "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 2 appeared to have a rather cold reception than the first. In season two, the main character Kaneki had an intense battle with Kishou Arima eventually ending up with Kaneki being badly injured and somehow lost his sanity.

It was reported that the previous season of the hit series received criticisms from the fans, claiming that it did not follow the original storyline based on the manga.

What To Expect In "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3

With the unlikely reception from fans in Season 2, it is safe to say that a change in approach will make or break the said series. Many fans have been appealing to Studio Pierrot, the company behind the franchise, to stick with the manga's original flow.

Hall of Fame Magazine reported that the upcoming season of "Tokyo Ghoul" might feature Chapterss 88 and 89 of the original manga wherein Kaneki persuades Kanou to join his cause.

The release of the said "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 remains unclear. With the live-action movie currently in production, it might take until next year before fans can enjoy the series. On a brighter side, this can give the producers and directors longer time to prepare and hopefully, make it similar to the manga series.

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