GTA 6 Expected To Be Unveiled This Year, Release Date Points At 2018

Once GTA 6 arrives, it'll further cement the overall success of the franchise in the industry. After all, Rockstar won't opt to developing another installment if otherwise. Unfortunately though, details about the upcoming title is quite scarce. However, new rumors suggest that fans can expect the game to be unveiled anytime this year. And as for its release date, it could possibly be sometime in 2018.

According to Neurogadget, the speculations about GTA 6 being unveiled within this year rooted from the recent fiscal report of Take-Two. The company, which owns Rockstar, iterated that new projects are being worked on. Although nothing specific was revealed, many believe that it could possibly be the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto installment. Or perhaps, a new DLC for GTA 5.

This is when rumors about GTA 6 being unveiled this year surfaced. Nonetheless, there are those who also speculate that 2017 might be a better year. Either way, the upcoming title has a higher chance of being showcased at Sony's PlayStation meeting come September. And this despite the event being meant for the reveal of PlayStation 4 Neo and PlayStation Slim.

As for its release date, GTA 6 is likely to arrive in 2018. And take note: this follows the 4/5 year gap timeline set by the whole franchise. So if Rockstar tends to follow such pattern, then players can expect the game to arrive in the aforementioned year. More so, it's very possible for the studio to unveil it at E3 2017.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, GTA 6 has all the potentials to feature a London setting. This is most especially with the talks about the involvement of British people. And if the location indeed happens, right hand drive cars could possibly be introduced.

Furthermore, GTA 6 is also believed to arrive with a VR support. While there are those who are excited about such add-on, some fans aren't just thrilled. Some of them suggest that it'll be better for the installment to instead feature a new engine.

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