GTA 6 Update: Should Game Be Brought To VR Or Not? (Poll)

If there's anything that fans want to hear from Rockstar Games, it's without a doubt the confirmed existence of GTA 6. The franchise, which first started way back in 1997, grew to be one of the most highly celebrated games of all time. So it's a no brainer if the studio pursues to deliver yet another installment. Apart from the mystery behind its release date, the supposed title is also deemed to support Virtual Reality. But if it does, is it a good idea to have? Let's find out!

Obviously, GTA 6 is not the only title in the gaming realm looking to add a VR support feature. With the ongoing advancement in technology, developers are pressured to come up with a game that projects nearly the same exceptional innovation. And take note: with the impending release of next-generation consoles, the excitement of 4K and virtual reality gaming is expected to rise.

But is this enough for Rockstar Games to put GTA 6 in the halls of VR gaming? In one way or another, yes. If the studio wants to maintain a close competition (or perhaps be on a notch higher) in the market, they have to take such necessary steps. Otherwise, titles looking to take advantage of such technology will only overwhelmed it.

Nevertheless, it holds true that bringing GTA 6 to virtual reality gaming is no moonlight and roses. Aside from the burden of developing such compatibility, the studio has to take into consideration the features the game should have. That somehow it should be at least as distinctive as its predecessors. It should be noted, too, that fans have been hoping for the sixth installment to sport a VR compatibility, as reported by Value Walk.

If Rockstar indeed resorts to adding the aforementioned feature to GTA 6, then it's very likely for the game to arrive sometime between 2018 and 2020. Or perhaps, be aligned with the release window of Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 -- two next-gen consoles confirmed to come with VR technology.

Do you think it's only right for Rockstar to give GTA 6 a VR support feature? Or perhaps, it's not a good idea to consider? You can simply answer the poll below and/or write your thoughts at the comment section of this page!

Should GTA 6 Be VR Compatible Or Not?

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