Microsoft And Android Crossover: Chromebook And Android Tablets Can Now Run Windows Programs

Microsoft Windows' operating system finally has a way to run on Android tablets and Chromebooks. Thanks to an app called Crossover created by CodeWeavers.

A while back, Apple created the Boot Camp Assistant so the Microsft Windows operating system can run on a MAC. But as of today, it's not only the MAC that is able to accommodate the Microsoft Windows operating system, Chromebooks can now run it as well.

Reports say that the Crossover on Android is not just designed to allow the Microsoft Windows operating system to run, it will also let the users play with a ton of games that are only available for Windows.

In order for CrossOver to run, one must not forget to use the Wine open-source project. This is not just applicable nor is it exclusive for chromebooks, it can also be used for the Mac OS X or even Linux.

Lately, it has been confirmed that Chromebook have gained compatibility with Android which makes it possible to install Crossover for Android on a Chromebook then run the Microsoft Windows operating system and software. In addition to that, once you have installed the operating system successfully - you can also try to download and install the steam client so you can play windows based games on your chromebook. You can even augment your gaming experience with the help of a VPN for Chromebook.

The Crossover for Android app isn't available nor is it released yet, the genius minds behind CodeWeavers are still developing other useful features including the DirectX support. Despite the fact that the Crossover for Android isn't available yet, the CodeWeavers confirm that it is certainly able to function on computer units that are equipped with intel chips.

The Chromebook Pixel and the Acer Chromebook are good to go, but unfortunately for the Asus Chromebook Flip - it didn't make the cut since it runs on an ARM chip. Although the CodeWeavers are definitely going to find a way to work around this limitation.


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