IFA 2016: Samsung Gear 3, Sony Xperia X, G Flex 3 To Be Announced

With the IFA coming up in a few weeks' time, rumors about giant tech companies' releases seem to overflow the internet now more than ever. Samsung, Sony, and LG are just a few names expected to make a big show at the 2016 IFA.

IFA 2016 shall begin next week, September 2 to September 7. However, expect that a number of press cons would be held prior the official IFA days.

Samsung's IFA 2016 Event

Samsung is not yet finished with 2016 after the debut of Galaxy Note 7. According to sources, the giant tech company is expected to announce the release of the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch in the upcoming IFA 2016

TechRadar shares that Samsung's press con invitation gave the idea away about a smartwatch announcement. As per the tech website, Samsung's invite showed a couple watch hands. This indicates that a new smartwatch will be Samsung's highlight at the IFA 2016.

Sony's IFA 2016 Event

Sony's recent tweet saying "Ready to be inspired?" has sparked some rumors about the possible meaning of the tweet.

Although Sony has been known as one who brings a lot of things on the table during IFA's, it's still a mystery as to what the company plans to highlight come September time.

A number of possibilities about Sony's IFA 2016 show includes the PlayStation VR, a possible Xperia X2 phone, and other devices such as headphones, TVs and cameras.

LG's IFA 2016 Event

While the LG V20 has its own event in San Francisco on the 6th of September, LG is still expected to have something to announce at the IFA 2016.

Tech websites predict that the company would use the IFA 2016 event to announce its next Flex smartphone that is the LG G Flex 2.

Furthermore, LG is also expected to show off their other products such as Bluetooth speakers and TVs.

What Else IS Known About IFA 2016

The IFA 2016 will take place in Germany and apart from the above-mentioned companies, there are a few more tech giants to run a show at the event. This includes Huawei, Fitbit, Lenovo/Motorola, Asus and Acer among many others.

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