4 Reasons Why People Will Eventually Quit Pokemon GO

It's no secret that Pokemon GO is the most popular mobile game of today. Lots and lots of people are looking to take on a journey to becoming the very best. But of course, like any other games out there, its fire is also slowing starting to burnout.

Truth is, a good number of Pokemon GO players are starting to lose interest in Niantic's hit augmented reality game. Heck, its player pool has even declined significantly. So whether you like it or not, you'll eventually delete the app from your phone sooner or later. The reason? Well, there are actually four.

Pokemon GO Is Just So Glitchy

Yes, believe it or not, Pokemon GO is just so broken. In fact, its crash rate is so frequent that it's likely to win a trophy. Sure, there are players who'll think of it as a random occurrences or whatsoever. Sadly, it's not. Sometimes, it crashes so hard that restarting the game is of utmost importance. And take note: even a die-hard fan -- no matter how attached he is to the game -- will tend to unstick from a game that doesn't entirely work all the time.

Pokemon GO Gameplay Is Plain Redundant

And yes, even plain boring. Pokemon GO is merely all about catching Pokemon -- be it rare or not. Sure, players are given the chance to attack and/or defend gyms. But hey, that's all about it. After that, they're back to the plain, old style of walking across the street and finding creatures. Perhaps, if Niantic finally unleashes new features (Trainer Battles and Trading System, among others), the game will be entirely different from what it is now.

Playing Pokemon GO Isn't Really A Good Idea During Winter

Since Pokemon GO was released at the right time (good weather, yes), its acceptance became big. It was released sometime in the middle of summer, a season good enough for players to enjoy playing the game under the warmth of the sun. But what if winter arrives? Well, expect the game's popularity to be at a freezing point. Seriously, who on Earth would want to catch a Pokemon while the weather is all about blowing cold winds and snow? If anything else, it could be dead come winter.

The Pokemon GO Hype Is Almost Gone

Think about the good amount of time fans have to wait for Pokemon GO to arrive in their countries? Or perhaps, the fact that there are Pokemon available in selected areas/countries only. Either way, this could contribute to the diminishing of the game's hype. In fact, it's starting to happen. Lots and lots of players are beginning to realize that the game is just plain boring. That there's nothing much to do with it. And take note: never in the history of gaming that a title was able to recover after its hype turned black.

What do you think about Pokemon GO and its future? Do you think it'll withstand throughout the years? What is your personal reason why you have stopped playing the game? Let us know at the comment section below!

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