'Pokemon GO' Game Update: Trade Code Strings, New Types of Incense Coming; When To Expect Them?

The "Pokemon GO" original trailer had shown players trading "Pokemon" and combining forces in order to overthrow the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. For a long time, trading and the Legendary Pokemon have been absent in the "Pokemon GO" game, but the cards have changed.

A code has been found by a Redditor that appeared to mean trading. New types of incense and the Legendary Pokeman may soon be coming to "Pokemon GO."

In order to carry out a specific trade, there are particular strings to use such as the 'Trade_search', the 'Trade_offer', the 'Trade_response', and the 'Trade_result'. However, it is unclear if the 'Trade_search' function would operate locally or if it would work over a wider internet connection.

Rumors have been circulating that the Legendary Pokeman would be appearing in "Pokemon GO" even though there has been no sight of it yet. The game's publisher may be preparing to do something about that as Niantic showed the activity_catch_legend_pokemon string in the code.

The incense is a coveted item that could allow gamers to attract Pokemon to their location. The code that was found in the latest update showed three types of new incense that could be making an appearance. The strings used to refer to incense are Item_incense_spicy, Item_incense_cool, and Item_incense_floral. Rumor has it that spicy can attract fire and possibly electric Pokemon, also that cool can attract water and the ice Pokemon, and that floral can attract Pokemon of the grass and bug varieties.

"Pokemon GO" is expected to get a rise in its players once these changes take place. As of now, the code strings remain as place holders. It remains unclear how and when Niantic will be implementing the suggested changes, but it is expected that it will be able to offset the decline it has seen lately. Discover Pokémon in the real world with "Pokémon GO."

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