Ubisoft Is Asking Tom Clancy's The Division Players To Help Fix The Game In Sweden

Almost all Tom Clancy's The Division players will agree that the game is currently in a broken state. Besides, the people at Massive confirmed it during the State of the Game. The good thing, however, is that the community will play a huge role in fixing the title. The devs are said to be asking players to help in bringing the glory back to the game. And for those who are interested? You'll have a ticket to Sweden.

During the State of the Game, the devs behind Tom Clancy's The Division iterated their plans to fix the game. And by that, they mean to bring the game back to its former state -- with no bugs and glitches. In fact, they're pretty serious about it, as evident to the delays of two upcoming expansions -- namely, Survival and Last Stand.

The decision to delay the aforementioned Tom Clancy's The Division DLCs was to give utmost focus on fixing the game. And to make things even more interesting, the developers are recruiting players to join them in the mission. Selected players will basically help the group in delivering Patch 1.4 -- something that they'll do in Sweden, as reported by PlayStationLifeStyle.

On the official forum site of Tom Clancy's The Division, the devs mentioned about "bringing people from the community to Massive" in hopes to help them develop the said Patch. This was not only deemed as a necessity, but also as a way to further cement the interaction between the studio and the players.

The work on developing Tom Clancy's The Division Patch 1.4 will be done in Malmo, Sweden. And take note: anyone can join the mission. As long as they're a fan of the game and willing to take the risk, they can always count their selves in.

For interested Tom Clancy's The Division players, they should be available from September 7 to September 9. And what's even great? It's an all-expense paid trip. From flights to hotel to food, Massive will be the one paying.

What are your thoughts on this move from the Tom Clancy's The Division developers? Are you interested to be part of the team? Let us know what you're think at the comment section below!

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