‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Why Legendary Pokemon Are Most Likely To Be Added Soon

We all have been given a heads up on the Pokemon Go legendary birds coming into the game soon. Some even comment that the news is a fake.

As of this writing, there are no official statements from Niantic Labs if the legendary birds are really coming but traces of code on Pokemon Go's current build prove otherwise. As per Reddit and other game article posts, certain traces of code, as most of you already have heard, have been observed in the current game's build.

Exhibit A:

Code trace: 'activity_catch_legend_pokemon' - this tells us that a legendary Pokemon can be acquired by catching it. How this is done is still a mystery as of this point but it is enough data to hold on to the thought that they are really involved in Pokemon Go on the next few builds.

You may ask yourself, is it just for catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Yes, this is plausible IF this wasn't also in the backend code: 'activity_catch_pokemon' - if this one is for catching Pokemon, then what does 'activity_catch_legend_pokemon' tell us? Even someone with no programming experience can tell.

Exhibit B

Code trace: 'Add_fort_modifier', this may take some explanation. 'Fort' in code may be referring to Pokemon Go gyms. If so, this is paired with 'modifier', and currently the only thing you can put in gyms are Pokemon. So, if the code 'modifies' the gym, it would mean that it allows other items to be left on gyms - hint: Legendary Pokemon!

On the other hand, if 'fort' is completely different from 'gym', then it should indicate that there is a 'fort' feature coming. What better way to fortify your fort than to have a Legendary Pokemon guard it, right?

What do you think, is the perception on Legendary Pokemon beginning to be acceptable? Or would you beg to differ? Please use the comment section below for your thoughts.

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