Final Fantasy XV Update: Delays Due To Internet Connectivity, FPS Glitches

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 30, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

Final Fantasy XV got delayed due to a number of issues. Internet connectivity and FPS are among the biggest concerns for FF XV's Japanese game developer.

Final Fantasy XV Internet Connectivity

The FF XV players are expected to download a day one patch after they get their hands on the upcoming game, according to Kotaku. However, the patch will require an internet connection. This concern forced game director Hajime Tabata to delay FF XV and make it playable enough for all players regardless if they download the patch or not.

FF XV Optimization and Frame Rate Drops

Tabata said that FF XV can still be played at its current state. There are some parts of the game though that causes frame rate drops. There also all sorts of bugs which caused some unexpected things to happen like characters looking peculiar.

FF XV Screen Resolution and FPS Capacity on Xbox One and PS 4

PS 4 can reportedly run the upcoming Final Fantasy XV at a minimum of 900 pixels and maximum of 1080 pixels. This level of dynamic resolution could almost hold the required 30 frame per second (FPS) rate.

Xbox One can run FF XV at a minimum of 765 pixels and a maximum of 900 pixels. Like the PS 4, it's still a little short of maintaining a 30 FPS.

The shortfall in both the consoles' graphic abilities has forced Tabata and his team to further optimize the game. At the same time, the developer is also working in refining the aesthetic appearance of the game's environment, according to Dual Shockers. It has also been reported that the game programmers are also putting the finishing touches on the hybrid storyline and open world environment.

Final Fantasy XV is now slated for release on November 29. It will be available in Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. It was originally scheduled to launch on September 30.

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