Google Indie Game Festival 2016: 200 Submissions Narrowed Down To 30; 3 Games Released in Play Store

Google Indie Game Festival 2016 has been confirmed to take place during this fall in San Francisco. The tech company recently made the announcement regarding the plan to hold the festival, and as early as now, the judges from Google have already reduced the number of possible entries. According to reports, only the top 30 on the submitted list are the most deserving to be showcased.

However, the most number of games that have been selected have no way to be checked out for now. In fact, two thirds of these chosen entries have not been released yet on the Play Store. Nonetheless, the gaming fans might  be interested to give some of it a try like the "Orbit", "Roofboot", and "A Matter of Murder."

According to the news, 200 game entries were sent to Google for the Game Festival, however, the majority of these submissions were not able to meet the company's standards. Although the gaming fans might not be familiar with the most numbers of these games that seem to be not as popular as the others, Google takes note of the fact that the developers behind these games are the ones to watch out for in the future.

The Google Indie Game Festival 2016 judging panel will include industry professionals like Ron Carmel, the co-founder of Indie Fund and also the co-creator of "World of Goo," Hyunse Chang, Business Development Manager at Google Play; Noah Falstein, Chief Game Designer at Google; David Edery, CEO of Spry Fox; Emily Greer, CEO of Kongregate; Lina Chen, Co-founder & CEO of Nix Hydra; Alex Lee, Producer, Program Manager, Daydream & Project Tango at Google; gamer Jordan Maron, and YouTuber "Captain Sparklez."

Google Indie Game Festival 2016 will be held on Sept 24 in San Francisco, and the registration will be open to all game developers and the general public. Watch the Indie Game Festival here.

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