Titanfall 2: Tech Tests Ended; Will Respawn Bring Back Attrition Mode?

Titanfall 2 tech test has ended on August 28. Many of the testers and players are clamoring the game developer to return the Attrition mode back to the second installment.

Titanfall Attrition Mode

Titanfall 2 game developer Respawn has decided not to include the Attrition Mode to the game's second installment. This has disappointed a number of testers who played the missing feature in the original game, according to Forbes. The Attrition mode basically allows rival groups of Pilots and Titans as well as AI allies to battle each other.

Titanfall 2 Tech Test Feedback

Testers review was mixed regarding the various features of the game.

The test game has three modes namely bounty Hunt, Amped Hardpoint and Pilot vs Pilot mode. Newcomers to the game may find Titanfall 2 challenging as they will likely encounter a lot of Titanfall veterans. The game's new scoring system gives players points on Assault and Defense which is growing trend on multiplayer team battle games.

The Titan timer has been removed. Testers said that the new system rewards players who finished their objectives earlier by handing the Titan ahead of their rivals. However, this can also tipped the scales against the losers early on the game.

Many of the testers / players don't see the reason why Respawn will remove the Attrition mode. They argued that it was one of the most popular features in the game. Players are still hoping though that the developer can somehow add it in the final version of Titanfall2.

The map designs in Titanfall 2 seemed to be lacking compared to the original series, according to the reviewers. Finishing the mission even gets complicated as the grappling hook is now an optional item instead of a necessity.

Titanfall 2, the final version is due for release on October 28. It will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origins Gaming PC and Laptop.

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