When Will The Pokemon GO Trend Last? User Base Now Dropped To Over 30 Million

Pokemon GO is without a doubt the most popular game of today. Since its release, a great deluge of fans went to jump on the hype train. After all, it seems the augmented reality game has given them the chance to be like Ash Ketchum from the hit anime. While there's no question about the title's massive success, its stability in the future remains a mystery. When will the game's craze last? Will it survive throughout the years? If anything's sure, it's the fact that its user base has dropped to over 30 million.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, lots of Pokemon GO players are starting to lose interest. Many believe that its stability and performance (particularly the tracking system) are just too broken to play with. Moreover, there are those who find Niantic's tentpole boring. That, in one way or another, it's merely all about catching Pokemon.

Simply put, Pokemon GO players are desiring for new features to arrive. Perhaps a way to battle other trainers, or at least a trading system that will allow communication between players. Either way, such elements are yet to find their way to the game.

When Pokemon GO was first released, it amassed a whopping estimate of 100 million downloads -- both on Android and iOS. And take note: this surpassed the records of Candy Crush Saga (10 millions) and Angry Birds (20 millions). Heck, the figures aren't even that close to the hit AR mobile app.

However, when August entered, the user base of Pokemon GO as well as its download rate have declined significantly. And this is really alarming, considering that the game has just been out for a couple of months. So the next big question is: will the craze over the game end sooner or later?

One possible reason for the decline in Pokemon GO is Niantic's decision to ban a great number of players. Of course, the move was highly understandable, as the studio was after cheaters and spoofers. But just recently, they started reinstating the accounts of players who were proven not guilty of such faults. The sad thing, though, is that the game's player pool still plummeted. If it was around 10 million, now, it's facing at an estimate of 30 million. The latter is around 22.7% drop percentage. as reported by Otakukart.

The math suggest that if there are a total of 100 million Pokemon GO players, in the next few weeks or so, around 22 million will be the overall figure. If anything, it could be around that number or less.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Pokemon GO? Any other reason you can think why the game's popularity suddenly dropped? Share us what you think at the comment section below!

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