World of Warcraft Legion Expansion Early Review: Players Rise Against Burning Legion

World of Warcraft Legion Expansion has elicited early favorable reviews. Blizzard's latest installment introduces the Demon Hunters and has updated the other classes with weapons and items to fight the Burning Legions.

Preparation for World of Warcraft Legion

Many WoW players return to the game weeks before the latest expansion was launched on August 30, according to IGN. The multiplayer game was handing out XP and loots in anticipation for the Burning Legion invasion.

WoW Legion Expansion Changes

Many WoW classes such as Paladins and Death Knights have been updated and given powerful artifact weapons, according to the WoW Legion site. Gaming experience has also been made more enjoyable at least for players who have reached level 100 and above.

The numerous and pleasant in-game voice actors accompanied by mini-cut scenes keeps the higher level players informed on their progress. Players also get to choose which of the four out of the five zones they wish to level up.

The artifact weapons are also made available to players who spent an hour or less in the Legion expansion. These new weapons grow in strength and abilities as players' level up.

Class halls are the newest addition to the Legion expansion. Blizzard may have added them to correct or even replace the dungeon system introduced in the previous expansion, Warlord of Draenor. Critics said that Dungeon holders tend to focus on single player objectives that somehow defeat the multiplayer purpose of WoW.

Unlike the garrisons, players of the same class can gather and hang out in Class halls. The warriors can stay in the Valhalla suite while the Rogues get the sewers. Players can also recruit NPC followers or champions in the class halls. These minions can be sent to achieve certain quests that will bring treasures to their player master.

There are still plenty of places to explore and features to try in World of Warcraft Legion Expansion. Stay tune for more.

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