Overwatch Update: Sombra To Appear After New Eichenwald Map Release, Dark Souls Secret

Overwatch fans disappointed by Sombra's non-appearance last week may finally get to see him. That is if they could wait for the release of the New Eichenwald map.

Sombra Countdown

The Sombra on the "A Moment in Crime" website the countdown currently stands at almost 12 percent. The timer seems to be working right now in contrast to earlier reports. There are reports that Sombra will finally make an appearance right after the new Eichenwalde map is launched, according to the Express.

Blizzard Entertainment has yet to make any official announcement with regards to Sombra or any upcoming characters in Overwatch.

Eichenwalde Map

This new map is set in the German town of Stuttgart. One Overwatch group will be tasked in defending an old castle while the opposing group will attacked it using a battering ram. One additional feature in the game is the Dark Souls Easter Egg. The prize item could be located somewhere in a hidden room at the rear of the castle's entrance.

No Overwatch Heroes to be Retired

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan recently made an announcement regarding the heroes in the game. He did not mention anything about Sombra. But he did contradict any rumors that the developers are planning to retire a character or two from the game.

Still, he did not dismiss the possibility of retiring a hero from the game. If the Overwatch roster has grown too big that some balancing is needed for the game then that is the time that a hero may be retired, according to Kaplan.

But Kaplan also mentioned that he thinks that it is unlikely that any new heroes will be added soon to the game. Does this mean that Sombra will not appear at all or is he the last hero to be added? Overwatch fans hope that someone from Blizzard finally shed some light about Sombra.

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