Microsoft OneNote is the Perfect Back-to-School Gadget

Microsoft has made updates this month, including the inking for Office and Windows. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the ink math assistant that is currently exclusive to OneNote.

How Does The Ink Math Assistant Work In OneNote?

Solving math equations is not always the easiest thing to do for students. With OneNote's interesting ink math assistant feature, they might consider using OneNote for their Math problems. It's a very simple process that only requires you to input handwritten equations. After that, users must use the lasso tool to encircle the equation. When options appear, users just have to choose what to solve for. The screen will display step-by-step instructions. Users just have to follow it. 

According to The Verge, the current iteration of OneNote is definitely not just something to jot down notes on. 

OneNote As A Math Coach

Kirk Koenigsbauer, the vice president for the Microsoft Office team, posted in their blog and explained the impact of this new inking capability. He said that this particular feature in OneNote is an intelligent assistance that qualifies as one's math coach and can be paired nicely with the recently-announced intelligent writing assistant in Word, called the Editor.  

Other Inking Capabilities

OneNote has other inking capabilities that are not yet available in other Office apps. It includes replay inking, which lets users understand how a document came to be. This feature displays previously-handwritten notes and drawings. It also identifies the order in which someone else marked up the document users make. It will be available soon on PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Another inking capability is the new ink effects. The rainbow, galaxy, gold and silver ink options were actually suggested by students. It makes OneNote's graphical user interface more pleasing and convenient to use.

System Requirement and Availability

To be able to use the ink Math assistant, the operating system must be Windows 10. Users must also make sure that Office 365 is fully installed.

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