'Pokemon Go' Reached Peak In July, Gen 2 Trading System In The Works?

"Pokemon Go" has reportedly seen a decline in daily active players as Niantic started issuing permanent bans to users caught violating the game's terms of service. The game is suggested to have seen its peak in July and has been losing its gamers due to the fact that it has become too recurring. However, Niantic has not done much to enhance the game, including the addition of rare Pokemons and the rumored Gen 2 trading system.

"Pokemon Go" players are now asking whether Niantic will actually be adding rare characters into the game or not. Some believe that the developers are just holding them off while speculations arise that these rare Pokemons are region-specific.

Some players also sent concerns about the leveling system of "Pokemon Go." Currently, players can only reach a certain level to increase the chances of legendary encounters. So, players believe that Niantic has to do something about it.

Niantic seems to owe players an answer as to whether the likes of MewTwo and Articuno will be included in "Pokemon Go" as well. Since the game launched, the names of such Pokemons surfaced in rumors but the developer has not confirmed or denied the presence of these Pokemons, reportedly.

Trading is also another issue that players of "Pokemon Go" want Niantic to address. Such feature is currently not present in the game's system but two "Pokemon Go" codes that imply trading functions have been discovered recently. The "Pokemon Go" strings found are called 'trade_search" and "trade_offer.

The 'trade_search" "Pokemon Go" code is suggested to allow players to search for Pokemons that are for trade. The "trade_offer" "Pokemon Go" code, on the other hand, is suggested to allow players to list the Pokemons they wish to trade.

"Pokemon Go" trade functions may be added into the game through an update for a Gen 2 Pokemon Go. However, Niantic has not confirmed it yet. If it is true that rare Pokemons and trade functions are in progress, then the game is expected to see another spike in daily active users in the future.

Watch "Pokemon Go" gameplay here.

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