'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Update, Release: 2 RPGS Led By Different Set Of Pokemon?

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" games are suggested to come out with two different sets of Pokemons. The official Japanese site of the Pokemon Company stated that the creatures to be featured in "Pokemon Sun" will more likely be different from the ones in "Pokemon Moon."

The news did not come as a surprise for fans because Game Freak and Nintendo already made it clear that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are two separate games. The games will actually be led by two different titular legendary Pokemons, Solgaleo and Lunala.

The Psychic/Steel-type Pokemon, Solgaleo, who is an emissary of the sun will be the lead in "Pokemon Sun." "Pokemon Moon," on the other hand, will be led by Psychic/Ghost-type Pokemon, Lunala, who is an emissary of the moon. Apart from the two legendary Pokemons, three starter Pokemons are also set to be part of both "Pokemon Sun and Moon" installments.

Rowlet, Litten and Popplio will complete the selection of starter Pokemons that players would need to pick from in order to proceed with the game. This means that it will not matter if users play either of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games as they will be required to pick from the same set of starter Pokemons.

Meanwhile, since "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games are expected to come separately, the Pokemons that were previously revealed in their Alola forms will be also divided accordingly. Reports claimed that the Alola Pokemons will be divided depending on how they were introduced in the teaser clips.

To further explain, speculations arise that previous "Pokemon Sun and Moon" teasers have always been divided into two. The left side is believed to be for "Pokemon Sun" while the right side is for "Pokemon Moon." This could reportedly mean that any of the Alola forms that have appeared on each side will appear on its designated game.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is slated to launch on Nov. 18. However, nothing has been confirmed about how Pokemons will be distributed into each Pokemon titles. Meanwhile, watch the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" announcement trailer here.

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