'Final Fantasy XV' Update: Latest Trailer Highlights Stunning Game Environment

By Sarene Mae Butao , Sep 01, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

Square Enix has recently released another trailer for the upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" game. The new trailer is entitled 'World of Wonder' which showcases various in-game environment and creatures. While the Final Fantasy 15's song by Florence and Machine entitled 'I Will Be' blends in perfectly in the said trailer. Based on the reports, the latest trailer points out to 'Eos' which has been dubbed as the 'world behind the walls.'

According to VGR, this is the fourth video released in the 'World of Wonder' series made by Square Enix. This video footage focuses mainly on the game's environment and open worlds. It showcases series of in-game landscapes and various species of creatures. Rumors said that fans are amazed on this latest Final Fantasy trailer from Square Enix.

Based on the reports, the trailer highlights all the Final Fantasy 15 has in store, such as cities, caves and mountains. Meanwhile, on the other news, Square Enix has announced their plans regarding PAX West. It is reported that it will be held in Seattle on September 2-5. There will be a dedicated booth exclusively for the Final Fantasy XV game. Fans can also lineup to experience the new hour-long demo that is rumored to be playable from the very start of the game. Demo tickets are available at the booth on the event proper. However, they are highly expected to run out fast.

According to Gamespot, players who had played the demo during the PAX West event will receive a reward. It has been reported that they can get a t-shirt as well as an Xbox One controller skin. In addition, there will be a panel on September 3 where Square Enix will reveal some 'surprises' to the fans. The event will start at 2:30 PM PT.

Final Fantasy XV will officially launch on November 29 for both Xbox One and PS4 platforms. It has been officially set after the previous reports of delayed release.


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