True' VR Gaming Experience To Come With HTC Vive

VR gaming is suggested to have a whole new experience with the upcoming wireless version of the HTC Vive. The prototype version of this new technology is a joint venture between Valve and Quark VR.

The wireless HTC Vive, according to Quark, works by utilizing a tiny device connected to a headset alongside a transmitter that is suggested to be placed inside the player's pocket. The transmitter functions as the sender and receiver of signals between the PC and the wireless HTC Vive through a Wi-Fi connection. This process is expected to make VR gaming experience as seamless as possible.

Quark VR co-founder Georgi Georgiev explained that getting the VR gaming experience to feel seamless through Wi-Fi was a huge challenge especially that they had to consider the intermittent and inevitable connection delays. However, they are getting close to showing the wireless HTC Vive in action.

The successful creation of the wireless HTC Vive is expected to bring huge improvements for everyone involved in VR gaming despite the delays in connection. For one, it may allow Quark VR to apply the new technology to its mobile app, Intugame VR, that is actually designed to stream PC games to VR headsets powered by smartphones. Users will then benefit from having the freedom to play their favorite VR games without the hassle of wires getting their way.

Previously, Quark organized a VR gaming event after the launch of HTC Vive. However, while the attendees showed overwhelming appreciation and support for the HTC Vive, most of them showed frustration about the wires. This prompted Quark to try creating a wireless HTC Vive which they have been working on for five months now.

VR gaming experience is recommended to be improved if there would be no more large headsets and long wires. These two prevent users from getting that "true" VR experience, reportedly. This is why users are interested in the upcoming wireless HTC Vive which may reportedly be unveiled this Fall. Watch HTC Vive demo here.

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