Sony To Release 2 PlayStation 4 Variants With Hardware Updates On September 7

Sony's PlayStation Meeting event is just a few weeks away. While the event's name gave nothing away aside from it being PlayStation-focused, it still has excited fans nonetheless. This is mostly because the last time an event like this happened was three years ago, when the company announced the PlayStation 4.

Needless to say, fans are all hyped up knowing that a new PlayStation might be announced at the upcoming event. Besides, leaked memos and recurring rumors do support this theory. Furthermore, some sources even say that Sony is up for not only one, but two new products this 2016. But will this include the PlayStation 5?

PS4 Slim Rumors, Leaks, News

Rumors say that Sony will repeat history as they skip the PS5 device this year and instead release new PlayStation 4 variants. The company has done this before for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 where they released new variants for the same models.

According to rumors, Sony has been preparing for the launch of a PlayStation 4 Slim. In fact, there have been image and video leaks these past few days portraying a smaller console and a redesigned DualShock 4 controller.

It was said that the PS4 Slim will have a 500 GB hard drive and it will come with 4K gaming capability. Furthermore, the new and improved console will have a heftier chipset and games that will work perfectly with the PlayStation VR.

PlayStation 2016 Announcement And Release Date

According to recent reports, Sony's PlayStation Meeting event will take place on September 7. However, Sony has so far kept quiet about all the PlayStation rumors that have spread online. So whatever has come to surface about the the company's new product, nothing is sure about them just yet. For the price of the upcoming PlayStation 2016, Sony is yet to confirm on that as well.


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